Creating A Child-Friendly Vacation Rental

Posted by Daisy Moss on Dec 21, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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If the target audience of your vacation rental is families, it is essential that you make the space welcoming and safe. This won’t cost much at all, and making a few small changes has the potential to attract a vast amount of new interest. 


Safety Precautions

Adding some safety precautions to your property and highlighting them to your potential customers will help parents feel comfortable when booking, as they know they will be able to relax. Installing stair gates, pool fencing, electric socket covers and a stove guard will put parents at ease, as well as keeping the little ones safe. 

Also, ensuring you don’t have any heavy decorations in reach, or unstable furniture that can be pulled over, will make it even safer. Finally, install sturdy door stops to prevent any trapped fingers. Families want to be able to go away and relax as much as possible, so if you show them that you have made an effort to make your property safe, you will put yourself ahead of the competition. 


Safe Crib

Having a safe area for a baby or toddler to sleep in is essential. Make sure that the mattress is tightly fitted, the bars are nice and smooth and not too far apart, there are no loose covers and there is nothing that can be used as leverage to escape! 


Extra Touches

The best way to attract families is to offer something they can’t find elsewhere. Having a box of spare nappies, some wipes, a couple of baby washcloths and a few toys will make any family feel like they’re at home. If you kindly ask guests to review their stay, it is likely they will bring up that you had taken time to think of a few special additions. For a family, knowing the host of a vacation rental is thoughtful and considerate, could be what encourages them to book with you! 


Daisy Moss is an experienced freelance writer with a passion for business and real estate. When Daisy isn't writing, you'll probably find her reading a good novel or enjoying a yoga class.


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