Best Keywords for Hard Money Lenders to Generate Leads

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jul 19, 2018 10:09:22 AM

Ever wonder the logic behind your search results on Google, and how the first page results get their spots? SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is the practice of organically increasing traffic to your website and optimizing your appearance in search results. It is essential that your website has a high ranking because data shows that over 91.5% of leads come from page one, giving all other results only a 9% chance of converting. An effective way to start your website optimization efforts is to make sure you have keywords, words or phrases that act as shortcuts to sum up a page, that people are actually searching. InvestorCarrot, a leader in SEO for real estate, researched top keywords that Hard Money Lenders and Private Lenders need to have on their site. Here are the top ten they found with the average monthly search volume:

  • Hard Money Lending- 720 Monthly Searches
  • Private Lending-480 Monthly Searches
  • Trust Deed Investing-320 Monthly Searches
  • Private Money Lending- 170 Monthly Searches
  • Buying real estate with IRA- 140 Monthly Searches
  • Trust Deed Investments-110 Monthly Searches
  • Private Mortgage Lending-90 Monthly Searches
  • Self Directed IRA for Real Estate-90 Monthly Searches
  • How to Become a Private Lender- 70 Monthly Searches
  • Private Money Lending Guide- 50 Monthly Searches

Other keywords and phrases for lenders looking to lend hard money to real estate investors include but are not limited to hard money loan rates, how does a hard money loan work, hard money loans for real estate investors, and hard money lenders near me. Remember, this is just a guide to get you started, but InvestorCarrot suggests that a variety of keywords will attract the most amount of qualified traffic.

For more keyword research from InvestorCarrot, check out their SEO Keyword Bible. For more resources for Hard Money Lenders, check out the “Hard Money Lender” section of our blog or our Hard Money Lender Page.

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