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    How to Become a Mortgage Broker

    So you’re thinking about becoming a mortgage broker.  Big money.  Independence.   Maybe you’re already involved in...

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    Rental property loans: How they work and where to find them

    The U.S. single-family residential (SFR) rental property market is $4.5 trillion and growing.  Owned primarily by...

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    Possible Expansion of Fed Lending Program Could Help Non-QM Lenders

    Over the past 30 days, we’ve seen dramatic divergence in the prospects of agency and non-agency mortgage lenders,...

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    Loan in Limbo Due to COVID-19? Here's a Road Map to Funding

    Understandably, we are fielding inquiries from our partners and customers wondering when we will begin to close and...

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    Why might mortgage rates go up when interest rates are going down?

    Mortgage rates can go up even when interest rates are going down if credit spreads increase more than interest rates...

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    What is a transitional rental?

    Similar to our concept of a “permanent rental,” we’ve coined the term “transitional rental,” to describe the rental...

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    What is a permanent rental?

    We’ve coined the term “permanent rental” to describe the rental properties investors plan to hold on to long-term,...

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    Why Might Someone Rent in 2019 When They Could Afford to Buy?

    The conventional wisdom that buying is better than renting may not be so conventional anymore. Sure, even with ...

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