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    5 Ways to Quickly Raise Your Credit Score

    Keep in mind these factors that affect scores and how they are weighted:

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    Amazon Key is an Attractive Feature for Tenants

    Advances in technology have helped foster the need for instant gratification. People have grown...

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    Baby Boomer Renters: A Growing Market You Should Target

    The number of higher-income rental households has doubled in the last decade, and that trend will likely increase in...

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    Do You Know Your Credit Score?

    According to a recent Money Tips survey, almost 30% of Americans don't know their credit score. Of those surveyed,...

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    Bloom Brings Blockchain to Credit Scores

    The recent Equifax hack brings to light some valid concerns: will our information ever be safe? Isn't this company too...

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    4 Most Common Mistakes that Slow Down the Loan Process

    Getting a property financed can be an overwhelming process. Sometimes borrowers overlook details or forget small but...

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    How To Ensure Your Visio Loan Closes Fast

    Time is money. Investors need to be able to move quickly, not just to get the best deals, but to start making money...

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