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8 Facebook Tips for Brokers

Facebook Tips for Brokers

In a recent blog post “10 LinkedIn Tips for Brokers,” we offered our best advice on how brokers can generate business and gain a social presence on LinkedIn. Now, we want to offer our best advice on Facebook. Here are eight best practices for brokers on Facebook:

  1. Facebook is a much more personal and personable platform. This is where you can shed a bit of your professionalism (key words- a bit) and be more candid.
  2. Don’t use any hashtags.
  3. Don’t oversell to your friends.
  4. Share your success stories and reviews, with gratitude – in hopes your friends can refer more to you.
  5. Use pet photos, share your family, continue posting all your candid posts – the more people engage with you regularly, the more likely they will see your mortgage centric posts.
  6. Make your posts funny – use memes about the crazy mortgage industry, make light of all the hard work you do.
  7. Tag your location! If you are at an industry event, always tag your location.
  8. If you do a post in hopes to get clients or industry event-related, consider making that post public.

Bonus tip- people love infographics. Learn about how you can make your own in our post “Use to Create Engaging Real Estate Infographics.” Want more marketing tips and resources for brokers? Check out our Broker and Partner Resources page.

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