6 Signs Your Rental Needs a New Roof

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jun 19, 2020 9:00:00 AM

You need a new Roof

Many landlords naturally dread replacing their roofs. The problem is that waiting too long to replace a roof can be more expensive in the long run. Not only does the damage to the roof increase, but also greater damage to the roof puts the rest of the property at risk. Luckily, there are financing options available, such as our trusted partner LightStream, and some signs you can look for that indicate your rental needs a new roof.

  1. The age of the roof. 

    As a rule of thumb, most roofs last 20-25 years. Some materials such as clay or metal have a longer life span.
  3. There are cracks in the roof.

    Cracks are often caused by wind damage and are sometimes contained within a few shingles. Widespread, randomized cracks might mean that your rental’s full roof needs replacing.
  5. The roof is rotting.

    A rotting roof can lead to structural damage if it is not addressed promptly. Here are some signs that indicate roof rot:
    • Missing shingles
    • Water damage on the ceilings
    • Mold growth in the attic
  7. The roof is leaking.

    This can be the most telltale sign that your rental needs a new roof, especially after a rainstorm. It also is a good practice to regularly check the attic for signs of roof leakage. Another indicator that you have roof leakage is growth in your walls or ceiling including:
    • Algae
    • Mold
    • Moss
    • Mildew
  9. Your energy bills are getting increasingly higher. 

    Roofing shingles provide great insulation. If your heating bills are getting increasingly high in the winter and your cooling bills increasingly high in the summer, it could be an indicator that you need a new roof.
  11. There are shingle granules in the gutters.

    If you find granules of the roof in the gutters, it means your roof is at the end of its life cycle.

If you've noticed any of these signs and are ready to replace your rental's roof,  LightStream offers financing up to $100,000 for virtually any home renovation project.

For easy, inexpensive rental property upgrades and further guidance on updating your property, see the "Property Upgrades" section of our blog.

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