5 Lease-Friendly Ways to Add Personal Flair to Your Rental

Posted by Mike Johnston on Dec 16, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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You might have the best landlord in the world and the rental you’re living in might already be furnished amazingly well, but that still doesn’t mean that you won’t want to add a personal touch to the space. After all, you want to make your living environment feel like home, not like you’re living in someone else’s house for the time being.

That said, even the best landlords would object to you tearing down a wall or drilling too many holes in the place to hang your personal décor, but there are some lease-friendly things you can do. Today, we are going over five great ways to add a personal flair to your rental home while staying on your landlord’s good side.

Repaint Without Painting

Probably the first that comes to mind when you’re looking to add a personal touch to the space is to add a different color to a room in order to make it truly resonate with your preferences. Now, rest assured that your landlord is going to object to you repainting their rental. However, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have a more lease-friendly option at your disposal.

We are talking, of course, about peel-able wallpaper, also known as a renter’s best friend. Peel-able or temporary wallpaper is exactly what you might think – a vinyl front with a paper-based adhesive backside that you can easily use to give your walls (or an accent wall) a new paintjob without a single drop of paint. When you’re ready to move out one day, just peel it off and the wall will be back in its original state.

Scale the Lighting to Create the Right Ambiance

There are many important millennial real estate trends that the modern landlord needs to consider in order to attract the best tenants. If your landlord is a smart business person, then they will have already invested in the right lighting in their rental. That said, lighting is so important that you might want to redesign it to your exact liking.

Luckily, you can easily install programmable lights around the rental, add free-standing accent and task lighting, and scale the natural light with ornate curtains and blinds.

Introduce a Homey Vibe through the Floor

One of the best ways to personalize the space and introduce comfort into your rental home is to invest in fluffy rugs and carpets. Popular selections like the Miss Amara rug catalog have a variety of styles and carpet materials to fit any interior design, and you can even choose complementary pieces to layer rugs for an added dash of comfort and warmth. Choose rugs that are easy to clean and complement your personal taste as well as the design of the rental.

Choose a Biophilic Design

Another easy way to bring warmth to your rental home is to add greenery and introduce natural materials. The best landlords should have no objections to greenery and natural elements, so go ahead and introduce potted plants around the rental to create a peaceful and restorative oasis.

Make the Space Feel more Capacious

Last but not least, one of the pillars of the millennial lifestyle is a sense of freedom, so no matter how small the rental may be, you want to make it feel as capacious as possible. To do this, you need to declutter the space, let plenty of natural light saturate the interior, and put up a mirror in every room. Mirrors are excellent in creating the illusion of spaciousness and they will instantly make every room feel grander than it actually is.

Wrapping Up

Personalizing your rental home is not something you can do on a grand scale, but there are many small ways to make a big impact. Use these tips to add a personal touch to your home and imbue your living space with positivity.


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