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4 Ideas for Your Referral Program Printed Cards

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Through the new Visio Lending Referral Program, we enable Referral Partners to build wealth with Visio through seven referral methods including sending emails, posting to social media, printing cards and more. The different methods provide optionality for Referral Partners to pick the best method for them and can help increase their reach (and lead to more earnings). One cool method we offer is “Printing Cards.” Through this method, Referral Partners can generate branded and optimized cards to distribute to real estate investors. You might be wondering how you can find these real estate investors. But no worries, we have you covered. Here are four ideas of where you can distribute your printed cards:

  1. Distribute your printed cards at local REIAs.

    Real Estate Investment Associations (REIAs) offer networking, mentorship, and educational opportunities for investors. And one thing investors are interested in learning about- financing opportunities! To find a local REIA to distribute your cards, visit
  2. Distribute your printed cards at property auctions.

    Often, real estate investors turn to auctions to find great deals on investment properties, which makes auctions a fantastic way to meet investors. To find local auctions, check out
  3. Distribute your printed cards at local real estate meetups. can be a great resource for Referral Partners to find investors and real estate groups locally. 
  4. Distribute your printed cards at local and national events.

    This could include annual investor conferences, property management events, or even realtor events. You never know who could own rental properties. Eventbrite is a fantastic source for local events, and Placester has a great list of national conferences.

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