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15 Surprising Landlord and Tenant Relationship Statistics

Landlord and Tenant Statistics

Porch, a home services platform, recently surveyed over 1,000 people- half renters and half landlords- to get some inside scoop on their rental experiences. The survey was designed to learn more about the relationship between landlords and tenants from each group’s perspective. Here are some of the survey results we found interesting:

  1. 8% of tenants reported their landlords handle major repairs, while only 13% reported that their landlords change light bulbs
  2. 7% of landlords have had a tenant ask to break a lease early
  3. 2% of tenants call their landlords directly to report a maintenance issue
  4. Tenants reported their rent being late, on average, around 25.1% of the time
  5. 16% of landlords never ran criminal background checks on their tenants
  6. 5% of tenants said they would treat their rental homes better if it was their own home, while only 1.2% said they would treat it worse
  7. 2% of tenants admitted that they never disclosed their pet to their landlord
  8. 5% of landlords trust their tenants to keep their properties in good condition
  9. 4% of landlords reported returning tenants’ security deposits in full
  10. 7% of landlords admitted they held back a security deposit unfairly
  11. 4% of tenants rent because they cannot afford to buy their own home, while 23.4% rent for the convenience of renting
  12. 7% of landlords said that being a landlord is not stressful at all
  13. 7% of landlords have evicted tenants
  14. 2% of tenants said they covered the cost of rental repairs
  15. 1% of landlords thought a tenant had exaggerated the problem needing fixing

Do any of these statistics surprise you? Read the full “Renters and Landlords Study” from Porch for more insights or check out our blog category “Rental Market Research.” For resources and tips to grow your rental portfolio, visit our Investor Resources Page.

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