10 LinkedIn Tips for Brokers

Posted by Tiffany Yang on Mar 14, 2019 9:00:00 AM

shutterstock_275980292Did you know that LinkedIn has over 500 million members with over 40% of monthly active users using LinkedIn daily? For mortgage brokers looking to generate business and build a social presence, LinkedIn is a great platform to start. Here are ten LinkedIn tips to keep in mind:

  1. When posting, always present your content in a professional manner.
  2. Incorporating a question, or even a current event/topic will make your post more appealing for engagement.
  3. Use relevant and popular hashtags like:
    1. #interestrates
    2. #financing
    3. #investments
    4. #realestate
    5. #mortgagebrokers
  4. Your goal is to always be perceived as a reputable and trusted expert in your industry.
  5. You may want to include your email address or prompt them to message you for more information regarding your posts (not necessary for every post because the goal of LinkedIn is to be trusted and reputable; not sales-y)
  6. Share success stories about your happy investors and borrowers.
  7. Share your positive reviews, thanking your clients for their kind words.
  8. Re-share content from industry leaders that is relevant and appealing to your clientele.
  9. Stay engaged with your feed. The more you stay engaged, the more people (and potential new clients) will engage back.
  10. Remember to tag people if you are mentioning them. You can do this by using the @ sign. Tagging people typically increases the visibility of your posts.

Bonus tip- always post about industry events you will be attending. Want more resources for brokers? Check out our Broker and Partner Resources page. Want more marketing tips for brokers? Check out our Broker Marketing Page.

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