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10 Christmas and Vacation Rental Statistics

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Merry Christmas and happy holidays! In honor of the holiday season, we pulled some data on short-term rentals and Christmas bookings. Here are ten fun statistics:


General Christmas Vacation Rental Statistics

  1. Vacation rental rates are 56% higher over Christmas and New Year’s. (Source: Evolve Vacation Rental Network)
  2. Waterfront destinations are the most popular winter-time choice with over 45% of vacationers looking for a beach house and 34% seeking lake lodgings. (Source: Vacasa)
  3. Colorado ski destination vacation rental rates are up 250% over Christmas time, and Florida vacation rental rates are up 45% over Christmas time. (Source: Evolve Vacation Rental Network)
  4. The top reason to travel over Christmas time for 52% of travelers is to spend quality time with loved ones, and the second top reason for 38% of travelers is for rest and relaxation. (Source: Business Wire)
  5. Approximately 56% of Christmas and New Year’s rental bookings are made more than two months in advance. (Source: Evolve Vacation Rental Network)

COVID Christmas Vacation Rental Statistics

  1. More than 75% of travelers plan to get to their Christmas destination via car this year. (Source: Vacasa)
  2. There will be 31 million fewer travelers this holiday season. (Source: CNN Travel)
  3. Only 14% of travelers plan to keep their Christmas vacation plans if there is a large COVID Spike. (Source: Vacasa)
  4. 40% of Americans changed their Christmas travel plans due to COVID. (Source: Vacasa)
  5. Christmas flights have dropped 25% to an average round trip cost of $274. (Source: CNN Travel)


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