Visio Survey Results Show Investors Turning to Rentals, Planning to Refi

Visio’s 2016 Real Estate Investor Survey is complete and as we are compiling the full results to be published on our website, we’re giving you the first look at the results with our first of several infographics to be released.

Of the nearly 700 respondents, half of investors stated that they also work in other professions in real estate, including 24 percent who are property managers, 16 percent who are realtors and 10 percent who are brokers. On average 42 percent of investors’ incomes come from real estate investing.

Year-over-year investor strategies have favored rentals over flips with a 6 percent increase in primarily buying to rent (from 44 percent in 2014 to 50 percent in 2015) compared to a 6 percent drop in primarily buying to flip (from 38 percent in 2014 to 32 percent in 2015). This year appears to follow the same pattern of rentals winning over flips with investors on average planning to buy 4.1 houses to rent and just 3.9 houses to flip.

Another trend found in the survey was the plan to refinance existing properties. In 2015, only 23 percent of respondents refinanced, while 61 percent plan to refi in 2016 for reasons ranging from buying another investment property or making another investment to reducing rate/extending term or improving existing properties.

Investors were predominantly male (77%) and white (65%) with the average age for women being 51 and the average age for men being 53. Facebook proved to be the most accessed social network for both personal and business use by investors with 53% viewing Facebook at least once per week.

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