What is the Best Accounting Software for Landlords?

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Dec 27, 2018 9:00:00 AM

Best Software for Landlords

We are actively monitoring Reddit’s  r/RealEstateInvesting discussions and offering our insight. One hot topic was the best accounting software for landlords with Quickbooks, TellUsApp.com, and GNUCash as contenders.  While these are worth looking into, here are our three favorite accounting software choices for landlords with why we like them and what they are best for:

  1. AppFolio:
  • What It’s Best For: Property managers with 50 or more properties
  • Why We Like It: Not only does AppFolio offer comprehensive solutions for Accounting and Reporting, but it also has technology for you to manage maintenance, support, marketing, leasing, and more
  • Pricing: $1.25 per unit per month
  1. Cozy:
  • What It’s Best For: Simple solution for mid-size and small portfolios
  • Why We Like It: Cozy’s expense tracking is quick and painless; all of it, including receipt collection, can be done from your phone. Additionally, Cozy keeps tenants in mind with options for lease documents, Renter’s Insurance, rent payment, etc.
  • Pricing: Free with the options of add-on services


  • What It’s Best For: Most customizable solution for all types of landlords
  • Why We Like It: Avail offers all kinds of solutions that landlords can tailor to their needs. For instance, you can choose which features you need and how many properties you need them for, so you only pay for what you will utilize
  • Pricing: Choose from Basic, Landlord, Landlord Plus, and Professional plans, each with a different cost based on number of units

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