Top Keywords to Attract Motivated Sellers

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Dec 13, 2018 9:00:00 AM

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Most wholesalers are on a mission to buy and sell houses quickly, often looking for homes in foreclosure, homes with bankrupt sellers, homes in probate, or similar situations. Sometimes, finding these properties can be quite challenging. Yet InvestorCarrot, a real estate investor marketing guru, has a simple solution: have motivated sellers come directly to YOU online.

When someone is eager to sell their home quickly, they will often turn to an online search. Wholesalers can be proactive about using strategically placed keywords so that sellers can find them when they are perusing Google. For instance, if someone types in “Need to sell my house fast,” you can strategize so that your website appears in those results. Here are the top ten keywords InvestorCarrot found are the most successful in attracting motivated house sellers and the monthly search volume for each:

  1. We buy houses- 8100 Monthly Searches
  2. Sell my house fast- 1900 Monthly Searches
  3. Stop foreclosure- 1600 Monthly Searches
  4. Home buyers- 1000 Monthly Searches
  5. Foreclosure help- 880 Monthly Searches
  6. Cash for houses- 590 Monthly Searches
  7. Sell my home fast- 590 Monthly Searches
  8. House buyers- 480 Monthly Searches
  9. Avoid foreclosure- 390 Monthly Searches
  10. Stopping foreclosure- 140 Monthly Searches


Want more keywords and tips on how to use them? Visit InvestorCarrot. Are you a wholesaler? Check out our Wholesaler Program.

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