Top 5 Most Landlord Friendly States

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Apr 16, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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One common phrase across the Visio Blog: “laws vary by state.”   And it’s so true. Everything from rent increase notices to security deposits, and more, are determined by state laws. So inevitably, there are states that favor landlords more than others. Here are 5 landlord friendly states from along with the main pull for landlords in each:


  • Main law that benefits landlords: Texas law favors the property owner if lease conditions are violated
  • Bonus: Texas law allows tenants and landlords to make their own agreements on repairs (not necessarily agreements where the landlord pays)


  • Main law that benefits landlords: Indiana offers landlords plenty of time to hold onto security deposits to be extra sure there wasn’t any damage done to their property by tenants
  • Bonus: Tenants must respect a 45-day period before they can sue a landlord for a security deposit back


  • Main law that benefits landlords: Colorado is one of very few states that allows landlords to access a rental property without notice
  • Bonus: Colorado landlords can process evictions very quickly if rent is unpaid


  • Main law that benefits landlords: Like Colorado, Georgia landlords can also process evictions very quickly
  • Bonus: Georgia landlords only need to give a verbal eviction notice


  • Main law that benefits landlords: Kentucky enforces something called an “Unconditional Quit Notice” if a tenant has been late on rate even once in the last six months. Essentially, one late payment and Kentucky landlords can order the tenant to move out within a short period of time
  • Bonus: Kentucky has very lenient security deposit laws

Other very landlord-friendly states to look out for are Mississippi and Florida. Want more insight into the rental real estate market? Check out our blog topic "Rental Market Research." Want landlord tips and tools? Visit our Investor Resources Page.

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