Recap of Cody Smart’s Atlanta Mortgage Expo Speech

Posted by Tiffany Yang on Mar 22, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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We had a great time at the Atlanta Mortgage Expo, networking with the greater Atlanta area’s top mortgage professionals. For those of you that missed Senior Account Executive Cody Smart’s speech on single family residential rental loans, we have some key points:

  • Visio Lending started serving seasoned investors in 2012 and has closed over 6,000 rental loans.
  • With less regulations, Visio offers a fast, simple and dependable process for brokers and borrowers: No DTI, W2’s, or tax returns, and approval is not reflected on credit reports
  • Visio’s non-QM products have minimal requirements: experience isn’t required, the property doesn’t have to be rented, and more
  • The Visio Box: rental homes worth $75k+, properties in good shape, minimum credit score of 640
  • Find repeat business in your current database. Have your clients complete a quote worksheet and you’re locked in as their broker for all future rental properties.
  • Don’t call us corporate- Visio’s team prides themselves on quality service, and with everyone in the same office, we put our brokers and borrowers at ease.
  • The Visio Broker Program: with no license required (except in CA), you have endless opportunities to build wealth with Visio. Earn up to 5 pts as a Visio Broker.
  • Visio’s three primary investors: Fix and Rent, Landlord leveraging current properties, and vacation rental borrowers

Cody’s presentation offered great insight on the rental loan opportunity, as well as specific information on Visio.  Sad you missed it? Come see Visio at another event- registration on us. Also check out our Broker Resources for more information on Visio's Broker Program

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