Recap of CEO Jeff Ball’s New England Mortgage Expo Speech

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jan 18, 2019 3:44:55 PM

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We had a great time at the New England Mortgage Expo today, and are so happy for the experience and connections. For those of you that missed Jeff Ball’s presentation “Untapped Opportunity- Rental Loans” (or for those of you that just wanted a recap), here are some highlights and key points:

  • Over the next five years, renters will dominate household formations, and more than a third of them will rent an SFR. Contributing factors to this trend include:
    • Lack of Affordable Housing
    • Student Debt Overhang
    • Lack of Down Payment
  • There are many benefits for mortgage brokers to work with investor clients, including:
    • Investors are money motivated and offer repeat business
    • Faster transactions, means you get paid faster
    • Less regulations could mean multiple state opportunities
  • Mortgage brokers can find investor clients easier than they might think, including in their own database. Other methods include:
    • Asking realtor contacts
    • Attending investor meetups and REIAs
    • LinkedIn and other digital sources

Jeff’s presentation also included great insight on how rental loans are underwritten. Sad you missed? Come see us at another 2019 event. Interested in working with Visio? Contact us

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