Posted by Andy Nguyen, Dheeraj Nadella, and Yashasvi Madan ● Nov 7, 2018 9:00:00 AM

5 Tips to Speed Up Your Visio Loan

person drawing an upward-sloping arrow with the word "efficiency"As a crucial member of the processing team, Processing Team Lead Anna Weeks processes loan applications from the time of receipt to underwriting. If you're submitting a loan application to Visio, your application will go through Anna or her team. Time can be crucial in the investment industry, so Visio aims to close loans in an average of 21 business days. However, there are actions borrowers can take to help move their loans along smoothly. Here are Anna's tips on how you can minimize the risk of extending your loan time in processing:

  1. Gather your documents and have them accessible to you. 

    Talk with your loan processing officer to understand which documents are needed, and make sure that you have them available to help your processor speed your application along.
  2. Don't leave the country within a month of processing a loan. 

    Often, investors leave the country immediately after they apply for a loan. This can cause tremendous delays in approving their loan because their processors cannot reach them.
  3. Make sure that your property is rent-ready and accessible. 

    If the appraiser comes to appraise the property and can't access it, that will slow down the loan process. 
  4. Familiarize yourself with the mortgage basics. 

    In this industry, not only does understanding the mortgage process and lingo help you communicate with your processor, but it will also help you make the right decisions on your investments.
  5. Read your emails carefully, follow instructions, and trust your processor. 

    Sometimes, investors gloss over certain instructions, which can complicate the process. Remember, your processor is there to help you and make sure everything with your loan goes smoothly.  

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