5 Tips for Selling your Investment Property for Top Dollar Fast

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Apr 26, 2018 4:41:18 PM

Sell Your Investment Property for Top Dollar Fast

So, you’ve bought a property, rehabbed it and you’re ready to sell. The BRRR Method is the name of your game. Or perhaps, you've owned your rental property for a long time, and are winding down your days as a landlord. Or maybe you are wholesaling properties. Regardless, you want to sell fast and get the best bang for your buck, right? We put together some tips and tricks for pitching and selling an investment property.

Price it Right

  •  The homes that sell the best and fastest are priced accurately based on neighborhood comps. It is important that the price reflects other sold homes in the area.

Be Ready to Show 

  • Make sure that any renovations are done and the home is staged and clean when pictures are taken for marketing or showing begins.

Put it Out There 

  • Advertise on your local MLS, Zillow, social media, etc., and emphasize what the home has to offer, for example new floors, new roof, marble counter tops, etc.

Focus on Area Benefits 

  • Find the benefits of the area and market those. Talk about the nearby schools, businesses, outdoor parks or lakes. Use the surroundings to help sell the home.

Ensure Financing 

  • For a smooth sale, it is vital that your buyers have cash or are pre-approved for financing. It is also important to know what kind of financing they are pre-approved for whether FHA, conventional or hard money.

Want some help on selling your home? Check out our tips for finding a great realtor. Are you a property wholesaler or fix and flipper? Check out our Partner Programs.

Check Out Our Partner Programs

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