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  • Tracy has an educational background in business and law from Pepperdine University with 8 years mortgage sales and management experience.
  • He owns his own small portfolio of rentals through California, which he aims to continue to grow
  • A happily married, family man with 5 wonderful children and two dogs Nico and Jax, all of whom he loves to pieces.


"The combination of all my experiences has given me valuable industry insights and allows me to better understand the needs, struggles, and drives of my clients. Let's take your business to the next level. I look forward to being a part of your investing journey."

                                                                                         ---- Tracy Gordon

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Tips from Tracy

Start with one property first and then focus your efforts on that portfolio. Ensure you have sufficient capital and cash flow, so you can acquire your next property. Then, repeat. 

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Tips from Tracy

A popular investor strategy entails using hard money loans and/or cash to complete renovations, followed by a refinance as a long-term rental to then take out your capital to keep growing. 

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