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I need some cash to finish a rehab

I was turned down because my property didn't pass inspection

I didn’t qualify with another lender despite having a big down payment

I want to finance my property and keep my cash for rehabbing

I own a home but want some cash to buy another property

I want to finance my property to retain cash reserves

We can help.

About Us

Loans for investors by investors

Simply put, we thrive on real estate. We’ve bought, sold or financed over $250 million of homes nationwide and we understand the unique needs of residential investors. Drawing on years of experience in the distressed property field, we crafted our loan products with three words in mind: fast, simple and dependable.

We know real estate investing takes a certain amount of initiative, spirit and risk-taking. It’s not for everyone. But we’re passionate about helping people just like you achieve their short-term and long-term investment goals. It’s the reason we started VFS four years ago. We now operate in 34 states and continue to grow. Your success is our success.

We don’t just provide loans. We underwrite the entrepreneurial spirit that drives our borrowers.

  • Fast closing
  • Unmatched simplicity
  • Dependable process

“The Visio Financial Services financing product has allowed me to purchase more properties in an easy, simple and quick manner”

Jose Castro | San Antonio, TX

How it Works

No Muss, No Fuss Loans

We only lend to investors buying or refinancing single-family properties. We specialize in loans on homes with values between $30k and $100k.

Why VFS?

Unlike other lenders, we focus almost completely on qualifying the value of the home rather than the borrower, resulting in a fast, simple approval process remarkably free of hoop jumping. In other words:

  • No credit check and no credit reporting
  • No income verification
  • No asset verification

We figure your mother’s maiden name is your business.

Loans Offered

  • Up to 12-month I/O for fix and flip
  • 10-year, due in 3 years, available for many properties
  • 5-year fully amortizing
  • Max LTVs range from 54% to 69%, depending on product
  • Contact your VFS account executive for more details

States We Currently Serve


Eligible Borrowers

  • U.S. residents
  • Foreign nationals
  • Corporations
  • Partnerships or LLCs (proof of good standing required)

Eligible Properties

  • Properties must be single family residences (1-4 units)
  • No manufactured homes, mobile homes, condos, log homes, vacant land or commercial property


Q: What’s different about you? Aren’t you just another private lender?

A: We say “Yes” more often than other private lenders. This is because we don't document your income or assets, nor do we review your credit. Instead, we focus on accurately establishing the home’s value, and we want to understand your experience and investment strategy. Also, we specialize in investor home loans on properties with values between $30k and $150k. While others may make loans in this space, no one else exclusively focuses on this market, across the country. As a result, we are faster, easier to work with and more dependable than other lenders.

Q: If I’m buying an investment home, what do I need to do to qualify?

A: Our process is faster and simpler than other lenders. We need a signed, arms-length purchase contract showing the agreed-upon purchase price, and your completed, one-page loan application. You then send us the money necessary for us to order an appraisal from a licensed, third-party appraiser. We’ll also order title, a tax certificate and a flood certificate. You’ll need to arrange for property insurance. Once we receive the appraisal, we’ll use that information, along with our own analysis, to determine a loan amount that fits within our LTV guidelines.

Q: If I’m refinancing an investment home to get cash back, what do I need to do to qualify?

A: The process is very similar to our purchase loan process. One important difference is that we also will require a “desk review.” A desk review is where another licensed third-party appraiser reviews the appraisal to make sure the appraisal was done correctly. We’ll use both of these appraisals, along with our own analysis, to determine a loan amount that fits within our LTV guidelines.

Q: I just bought an investment home for cash. Can I refinance it with you to take some of my cash out?

A: To refinance with us, you need to have owned the property for at least 30 days. If you purchase the property on a land contract, contract for deed or similar type of arrangement, then you need to have “owned” the property for at least six months and provide proof of regular payments.

Q: Who pays for the appraisal and any desk review?

A: You do. You will send the money to us and we then place the order and send the money to the appraisal firm or desk review firm. It’s important to note that we do not make any money on the appraisal or desk review. We’ve negotiated contracts with nationally recognized appraisal management companies to try to keep your costs low. We pass along these services to you at our cost.

Q: Why do you perform your own internal valuation analysis when I’m already paying for an appraisal, and in the case of a cash-out refinance, a desk review?

A: Appraisers, in general, establish retail values for homes. So while we specifically request “as is” appraisals, most appraisals do not properly adjust for “as is” condition and the values are typically closer to retail. We lend only to investors. Investors do not pay retail prices. Therefore, we do not necessarily lend on retail value because if we had to resell a property in “as-is” condition, we would not realize a retail value.

Q: If I already have an appraisal, will you use it?

A: Only if two conditions are met. First, the appraisal must be recent (generally no more than 90 days old when you start our process). Second, a national institution that we approve must have performed the appraisal.

Q: Do you require a minimum property condition?

A: Yes. We have a lot of experience making loans on distressed homes and we won’t lend on a home that is not secure. Our minimum property condition varies, depending on the loan product you select. For example, we allow for greater repairs with our six-month, interest-only loan than we do for our longer-term loans, because we designed our six-month product to enable redevelopment of a property for either reselling or refinancing. We do not offer our five- and ten-year loan products on properties in need of full rehabilitation. Also, we may require a lower LTV ratio if the property is in need of significant repair.

Q: Are you going to check my credit?

A: We do not check your credit when deciding whether or not to extend you a loan. Also, we do not report borrower payment history to the credit agencies.

Q: Do you provide rehab financing as part of your loans?

A: We do not provide construction loans, although many of our borrowers do use our refinance loans to complete rehabs. Our loan-to-value determinations are based on our assessment of the property’s value at the time of loan origination.

Q: Can I pay off my loan early without penalty?

A: Absolutely. All of our loan products can be paid off without prepayment penalties.

Q: Can I include any of your fees in my loan amount?

A: Some. We allow you to finance your loan set-up fee, but your closing fee must be paid in cash.

Q: How does the renewal work on your six-month, interest-only product?

A: We know that sometimes things don’t go as planned, so you can rest assured knowing that you can extend this loan one time for an additional six months if you need it. We charge a $2,000 cash renewal fee for the additional six months term. Alternatively, if you’ve sufficiently redeveloped the home by the end of your six-month term, you could refinance into one of our longer-term loans.

Q: I’m having trouble finding someone who will provide cost-effective insurance for a vacant or distressed property. Can you help?

A: We have great relationships with insurance companies that specialize in insuring REO, vacant, foreclosed and distressed homes. Ask your Visio Financial Services account executive for a recommendation.

Q: What insurance do you require?

A: We require a 12-month policy in an amount no less than your loan amount, with us named as mortgagee/additional insured. Your deductible may not exceed $1,000.

Q: Do you escrow for taxes and insurance?

A: Yes.

Q: Do you require interest payment reserves or other types of payment reserves?

A: No. We only escrow for taxes and insurance.

Q: Can you provide me with a pre-approval letter to provide to a property seller?

A: Yes. Please ask your Visio Financial Services account executive.

Partner With Us

Grow with us.

At VFS, we think of ourselves as people people. Building and nurturing relationships has been the foundation of our success. A big part of that success includes partnering with the right folks. That means you.

We cater to a market overlooked by traditional lenders: Investors who transform properties into affordable homes by applying a little rehab TLC. This growing segment of buyers typically has difficulty finding financing that meets their specialized needs. That’s where we come in.

Whether you’re a realtor, property reseller, auction house, or lender, we’d love to work with you. We can help you:

  • Move inventory
  • Expand your buyer pool
  • Solidify your customer relationships
  • Make more money

Realtors/Mortgage brokers

Don’t lose a sale because your buyer lacked sub-$100k financing. We have flexible amounts, a fast and easy qualification process, and multiple-property loans. That means your investor clients can buy properties quicker, easier, and in greater quantities.

Property resellers/Auction houses

Most distressed property investors need financing in order to reserve their cash funds for rehabbing. It also helps maximize profit potential. Broaden your pool of buyers and sell more properties by introducing our loan products to your customers.

Traditional and “hard money” lenders

Your borrower may have failed to qualify, or you simply don’t offer investor financing under 100k. Normally that would translate to lost business. We can help. We have flexible loan amounts and a fast, easy qualification process. Your borrower could use VFS for bridge financing then transition to a long-term mortgage once the property is in bank-appraisable condition.

Success Stories

“Visio Financial Services has impressed me more than anyone I have done business with in fifteen years. Just to speak to competent, efficient people who also happen to answer their phone calls, is hard to come by these days. They have surpassed their competition with not only service but great loan products too. I have done major loan volume over the last fifteen years and am quite sure that there is no one around like them. The ball is always in my court because they are on top of everything they do.”

Tracy Bowser | Fort Lauderdale, FL

“It's been over a month since we started the process of purchasing a foreclosed home. We were turned down by two different banks because the home on the property was in poor condition. Then we learned about VFS. In a matter of a couple of weeks, Brandon Tully has made things happen. And it would have been sooner, if it hadn't been for the title company holding us up. I wish we would have known about Visio Financial Services when we first started. It would have saved us a lot of time and headache! So finally, today we are closing!! We couldn't be more excited! Many thanks to Visio Financial Services and Brandon Tully! We couldn't have done it without you!! You've been a Godsend!!”

Tammy Ellender Harris | Baytown, TX

“The Visio Financial Services financing product has allowed me to purchase more properties in an easy, simple and quick manner”

Jose Castro | San Antonio, TX

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