• Recognized as a top producer at every previous mortgage company Freddy has worked for since the early 2000's
  • An active real estate investor that has flipped over 10 homes and has a small portfolio of rental properties that he aims to continuously expand
  • Enjoys spending time outdoors, play sports, coaching youth athletes and participating in charity work.

"With all my experience to lean on, my goal is to help each of my clients grow their rental portfolios and make the best investing decisions possible."

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  • Typical mortgage lenders, such as banks and government sponsored entities, require extensive, paper-heavy processes - which limits the diversity of your investment portfolio and consumes more of your time.
  • Visio Lending's stated rates and a multitude of loan programs ensure that you are receiving the best options.
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30-Day Ownership Seasoning on Refinances


No income qualification or DTI calculations


No balloon payments on 30-year loans


No tax return or 4506 requirements


No sourcing or seasoning of funds


No limit on numbers of loans