Serious real estate investors know the importance of financing options that ensure profitability and sustainability for their investment properties, which is why DSCR loans have gained popularity. Obtaining New Mexico DSCR loans can significantly enhance your real estate portfolio.

Purchasing a rental home for the first time in New Mexico may present some difficulty without DSCR loans. Still, without the proper assistance and resources, it can be a manageable endeavor that brings great rewards.

When you're looking for loan options in New Mexico, DSCR loans are one of the best choices, as they don't require personal income verification. Instead, DSCR loans look at the income of the rental property and its ability to service loan payments. By relying upon the property's cash flow rather than your own, DSCR loans make it incredibly simple to purchase investment properties.

Whether you want to refinance an existing loan or boost your rental income, Visio Lending is the premier lender for New Mexico DSCR loans. We never ask for personal income information: all you need is a credit score and an evaluation of the property's ability to service your debt. Get in touch today to learn how our flexible and prudent loan programs can assist you in meeting your financial goals.



DSCR Loan Requirements: New Mexico

Minimum Down Payment

Suppose you find yourself in a situation where traditional mortgage loans don't quite fit your needs for financing a real estate property. In that case, it's worth considering the benefits of a DSCR loan.

DSCR loan options can be especially advantageous for self-employed individuals, those with irregular personal income streams, or anyone looking to invest in commercial real estate.

By carefully calculating and analyzing your ability to make payments based on the rental income and cash flow generated by the rental, New Mexico DSCR loans provide greater financial sustainability and flexibility.  A larger down payment will also lessen subsequent loan payments.

Minimum Credit Score for DSCR Loans

To qualify for a DSCR loan program in New Mexico, DSCR lenders typically require a minimum credit score. A minimum of 680 is typically required, although it can vary depending on the lender and program.

Positive Cash Flow

A key requirement for obtaining a DSCR loan and a good DSCR ratio is demonstrating positive cash flow. Your property's cash flow should ideally be able to cover the payments required by the DSCR loan, according to most lenders.

If your property's cash flow falls short of meeting the required payments from your DSCR ratio, it may indicate a higher risk for default and make it less likely for you to qualify for the New Mexico DSCR loans program. 


Areas in New Mexico Real Estate Investors Should Consider Using DSCR Loans

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📍 Albuquerque

Albuquerque, the largest city in New Mexico, presents a promising opportunity for real estate investors seeking a DSCR loan. A residential rental property in Albuquerque can command rent of about $1,500, while commercial rental properties make about $20.60 per square foot for either retail or office space.

📍 Santa Fe

Santa Fe, the capital city of New Mexico, is another area worth considering for real estate investors. The benefit of a rental property here is the strong demand for housing due to the city's thriving tourism industry. In fact, Santa Fe is one of the most expensive areas in the state: the average home value is $566,455.

Your property's ability to generate sufficient cash flow is quite high, with an average cost of $2,700. If you're looking for commercial real estate investment properties, office spaces make around $26.49, an increase of over 4% from last year.

📍 Las Cruces

Las Cruces, located in the southern part of New Mexico, is another area that investors should consider adding to their real estate portfolio: home prices have jumped over 12% in the past year, now selling for an average of $349,000. Median rent for all residential properties is about $1,600, while commercial spaces make around $16.50 per square foot.



Navigating Challenges with DSCR Loans in New Mexico

Exploring DSCR loans can provide investors with a better understanding of their ability to meet payments and feel more confident in their financial position. By evaluating the DSCR of an investment, lenders can assess the property's ability to generate sufficient cash flow and enough gross rental income.

Challenges for a real estate investor, such as market fluctuations, economic downturns, or unexpected expenses, can be better navigated with the support of the DSCR loans program. DSCR loans offer flexibility and financial stability to navigate these challenges.


New Mexico

Check out some of Visio Lending's recently closed DSCR loans in New Mexico.



  Albuquerque, NM

  • $700,000 Loan Amount
  • Purchase
  • STR 
  • DSCR: 1.55
Las Cruces LTR


  Las Cruces, NM

  • $195,500 Loan Amount
  • Purchase
  • LTR
  • DSCR: 1.01


  Roswell, NM

  • $168,000 Loan Amount
  • Cash-Out Refinance
  • LTR
  • DSCR: 2.15
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Our DSCR Loans in New Mexico have:

  • · Full 30 year terms, no balloons for rental residential properties

  • · The ability to finance in an LLC

  • · No tax documents or personal income verification

  • · Real estate investor-friendly loan programs

  • · Interest only loan options


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