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    Visio Lending has brought our proven expertise into commercial loans. Investors can take advantage of simplified terms, lower rates, and a smoother process on mixed-use financing.

    shopping center with apartments

    Mixed-Use Property Loan Features

    • Far simpler than a bank loan
    • Loan amounts from $300k-$3 million 
    • Full 30-year terms, no balloon payments
    • Loan-to-values up to 75%
    • Protect your identity and other assets by borrowing in a corporate entity


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    Our Commercial Loan Program is Designed for Mixed-Use Property Financing 

    Visio Lending enables investors to grow their portfolios of small balance commercial properties with no hard limit of loans with us and no income statements or tax returns. Through our streamlined process, borrowers can seamlessly finance a new mixed-use property or pull cash out of an existing one to access capital for other investments.

    Commercial Loan Resources: The Information You Need

    Check with your Account Executive for program availability and specifications