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     A Loan Program Designed for Only One Thing: Vacation Rentals

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    Vacation Rental Features

    • Common sense underwriting of your short-term rents
    • Full 30-year term (no balloons) for your peace of mind
    • No tax return requirements
    • Simple, haggle-free pricing you can depend on
    • Protect your identity and other assets by borrowing in
      a corporate entity

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    Visio Lending is The Nation’s Leading Vacation Rental Lender

    Visio’s vacation rental program is meant to be scalable, and there is no hard limit to how many properties an investor can finance with us. We provide purchase and refinance financing up to 80% LTV. Commonly, a customer obtains a cash-out refinance from Visio to purchase or improve another vacation rental property. Since late 2015, Visio has financed more than $1 billion in Rental360 loans, including $75 million in vacation rental properties. 

    Finance Your Investment Property Today

    A Swift and Easy Process You Can Rely On


    Application Stage

    You provide us a completed
    application and pay for the appraisal.
    We evaluate your credit.
    Point of Contact: Account Executive (AE)

    Sent to Processing

    One of our loan processors is assigned and works with you on gathering the rest of our required documentation.
    Point of Contact: Processor

    Closing Stage

    Processor submits full loan package to underwriting team; once approved we schedule your closing.
    Point of Contact:  Processor & AE

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    Vacation Rentals

    Finance your crown jewels with the nation's leading vacation rental lender. 30-year fixed rates, no balloons

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