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    Multi-family buildings, also known as apartment buildings, can be great investments.  Whether you’re looking to buy an apartment building, refinance a recently renovated apartment building, or pull money out of one of your cash-flowing apartment buildings, Visio has a loan product for you.

    old apartment building with fire escape

    Apartment Loan Features

    • Loan amounts from $300k-$3 million on multi-family and mixed-use properties
    • Full 30-year terms with no balloon payments
    • Loan-to-values up to 75%
    • No personal DTI; no tax returns; qualify based on property cash flow
    • Simplified environmental review
    • Purchase, rate and term refinance and cash-out refinance
    • Protect your identity and other assets by borrowing in
      a corporate entity
    • Special pricing available for 5-8 units

    Contact Us to Start Your Loan

    Our Commercial Loan Program is Ideal for Apartment
    Building Financing 

    Visio specializes in financing investors looking to grow their portfolio of small balance commercial properties, including apartment buildings.  Our clients typically are self-employed or partially self-employed and own multiple investment properties.  Experienced investors choose to finance with Visio because we offer a streamlined qualification process that focuses on the property value and cash flow generation rather than the investor’s personal income.

    Apartment Building Loan Resources: Get The Information You Need


    Check with your Account Executive for program availability and specifications