By becoming a Visio Broker, commercial brokers will receive up to 5% on each closed loan and can seamlessly integrate rental loans into their arsenal of loan products.


Visio Broker Program Highlights:
  • Designated AE and in-house processing. Keep your workload down.
  • No license require (except in CA). Multiple state opportunities.
  • Earn up to 5% per closed loan. 
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Partnering with the Nation's Leader in Rental Loans

High-Quality Brokers

Our lucrative Broker Program is designed for high quality brokers looking to scale their business with non-QM rental loans. By partnering with Visio Lending, you will not only be able to provide customizable loan programs to your clients, but also earn repeat business with our fast, simple and dependable process. Many commercial brokers have clients that own rental properties, and through our Broker Program, commercial brokers cannot only meet all of their clients needs, but also they will never have to miss a loan opportunity. 

We allow our brokers to charge up to 5 pts per closed. Plus, our broker payouts are incredibly reliable, since they are disclosed on the HUD and paid out when the loan closes. Our Broker Program is incredibly successful, and our brokers are earning millions.   In 2018, our approved brokers earned over 2 million, and we know 2019 will blow that 2 million out of the water. Get approved today and connect with a designated Account Executive to learn how you can provide high-quality, reliable, non-QM funding to your investor clients.

Simple and Dependable

As another source of revenue, Visio is able to make common sense underwriting terms for vacation rental properties.These investments are becoming increasingly popular with the rise of sites like HomeAway and AirBnb. We also have a Portfolio Program that enables investors to finance four to eight properties with one closing and one monthly payment. Our Portfolio Program is very popular with real estate investors with large rental portfolios.

To determine the lending value for our rental loans, we look at the cash flow of the property, rather than borrower income.  All of our loan programs can be tailored to meet our investors needs. The rate structures, pre-payment penalty options, and buy-down options were specifically designed for savvy real estate investors. Additionally, we have ample resources to help your clients maximize their monthly cash flow, DSCR, and insurance options. We provide the tools you and your clients need to be successful from loan start to close, and continue to offer your clients resources to maintain a successful rental property portfolio.

Partner Friendly

We are a direct lender and our team will do all the heavy lifting, so our brokers can close more deals. Our Designated Account Executives and in-house processing team provide commercial brokers with the opportunity to effortlessly integrate rental loans into their product offerings. Approved Brokers get access to exclusive broker marketing materials, including white label flyers, to help them target real estate investors and close more loans. With multiple state opportunities, one year broker protection, and low document requirements, the possibilities for brokers to build wealth and grow their businesses with Visio Lending are endless.