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Which Referral Program Method Should I Use?

Best Referral Methods

Through the new Visio Lending Referral Program, we offer Referral Partners seven different methods to refer to us. You may be wondering which method you should use, and we recommend using a variety of the methods to really optimize your reach and earning potential. However, some methods can make more sense for you, depending on your business. Here is a breakdown of when to use each method:

  • Send an Email

    Use this method when you have a few contacts (and their email addresses) you want to reach out to that you think might be interested in Visio Lending. You can use our built-in email template or customize your own.
  • Social Media

    This includes LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook. If you are a realtor or property manager, and someone with a large following of real estate investors on social media, this could be a great method for you. We have sample posts for you or you can create your own.
  • Personal URL

    Through a personal URL, anyone who finds Visio Lending through your link and gets a loan will be traced back to you. This can be shared on a blog, through social media, through email (great for when you have a large database of real estate investors), or even via text. The sky's the limit.
  • Printed Cards

    This method is best for the networker. If you are going to any networking, real estate, or property management events, take your printed cards with you to send people to Visio and get paid when they close on a loan.
  • Suggest a Referral

    This method works best for the person who has a few contacts but wants us to do all the marketing. Simply give us suggestions of referrals in the platform, and we will reach out and market to them.

You can refer to us or track the status of your referrals at any time through our Referral Program Platform. Just be sure you are following all of the FTC Guidelines highlighted in the Referral Program Terms and Conditions. For more Referral Program guidance, visit our Partner Resources Page. Not yet signed up for or Referral Program? Go to to get started.

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