Where to Invest in Real Estate in 2021 (Plus Closed Loans)

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Dec 31, 2020 9:00:00 AM

where to invest 2021

Mashvisor recently came out with their list of the best places to invest in real estate in 2021 based on findings from PricewaterhouseCoopers, the Urban Land Institute, and their own database. Here are the top five markets with some of their key findings, as well as recently closed Visio loans in the areas. 

1. Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

Despite the pandemic, businesses and residents have been drawn to these two North Carolina cities. Plus, the current renter population is over 50% in both areas and both have a nearly 7% forecasted appreciation rate for 2021. Raleigh has a traditional cash on cash return of 2.2%, and Durham has a traditional cash on cash return of 2.5%. If you're looking to invest in the area, we can help. Check out these recently closed buy and hold Visio loans in Raleigh and Durham, North Carolina.

SFR Rental Recently Closed Raleigh, North Carolina Loan


Raleigh SFR

  • $102,000 Loan Amount
  • Rate Structure: 5/1 ARM
  • Loan Type: Rate & Term Refinance

2 Unit Rental Recently Closed Durham, North Carolina Loan

Durham 2 Units-1

  • $168,750 Loan Amount
  • Rate Structure: 30-Yr Fixed
  • Loan Type: Cash-Out Refinance


2. Austin, Texas

Visio's hometown of Austin, Texas is a booming real estate market and growing.  The anticipated growth rate in 2021 is 7.1% appreciation, and the traditional rental income is over $2k per month. Not to mention, Austin has a 56% local renter population. Check out this property we recently closed in Austin, Texas. 

4 Unit Rental Recently Closed Austin, Texas Loan

Austin 4 Units

  • $408,000 Loan Amount
  • Rate Structure: 30-Yr Fixed
  • Loan Type: Purchase


3. Nashville, Tennessee 

Mashvisor has labeled Nashville as a "New Boomtown" with a 48% renter population, an anticipated 2021 appreciation rate of 7.2%, and a 2.6% cash on cash return rate. Home to Vanderbilt University, the Country Music Hall of Fame, and the Johnny Cash Museum, Nashville is considered number three in real estate investor demand and number ten for homebuilding prospects. Look at this Nashville vacation rental we recently financed. 

Single Unit Condo Vacation Rental Closed Loan- Nashville, Tennessee

Nashville STR

  • $524,999 Loan Amount
  • Rate Structure: 5/1 ARM
  • Loan Type: Purchase


4. Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas 

Dallas and Fort Worth have thriving economies, even in a pandemic, with an anticipated job growth rate of 28% from now until 2021. Both cities are affordable with high renter populations, high appreciation rates, and high rental income potential. The Dallas and Fort Worth areas were marked as the number two area for real estate investor demand and number three for homebuilding prospects. We are very familiar with their rental markets and have been closing loans in the areas for years. Check out these two recently closed loans in Dallas and Fort Worth.

SFR Rental Recently Closed Dallas, Texas Loan

Dallas SFR

  • $67,500 Loan Amount
  • Rate Structure: 7/1 ARM
  • Loan Type: Cash-Out Refinance

SFR Rental Recently Closed Fort Worth, Texas Loan

Fort Worth SFR

  • $256,887 Loan Amount
  • Rate Structure: 7/1 ARM
  • Loan Type: Purchase


5. Charlotte, North Carolina

Charlotte is another North Carolina city with a high rental population and forecasted real estate appreciation.  Mashvisor lists the city as the number four in real estate investor demand, number two in development opportunities, and number 11 in homebuilding prospects. Check out one of our recently closed Charlotte rentals. 

SFR Rental Recently Closed Charlotte, North Carolina Loan

Charlotte SFR

  • $78,000 Loan Amount
  • Rate Structure: 7/1 ARM
  • Loan Type: Cash-Out Refinance

Are you ready to grow your portfolio in 2021? Contact us to get your quote and see how we can help. 

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