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When Visio is a Good Fit for Borrowers

When Visio is a Good Fit for Borrowers

In our blog post, 5 Things Brokers Should Think About Before Sending Us Borrowers, we provided a checklist of five key lending requirements brokers should keep in mind when considering Visio. Now, we would like to provide five scenarios of when borrowers would be perfect candidates for loans with us:

  1. Borrowers who have been turned down by banks or do not qualify for government financing.

    Borrowers with more than 10 mortgaged rental properties or who are self-employed (among other qualifications) often have a challenging time getting traditional financing. See our blog post Should You Conform? for more requirements for conforming loans.
  2. Borrowers who want to cash-out after 30-day seasoning.

    Visio only requires 30-day seasoning for cash-out refinances.
  3. Borrowers who are in other states.

    Visio Lending does not require brokers to have licenses (except for in CA), enabling them to broker loans with us beyond their state borders.
  4. Borrowers who cannot document income.

    Visio Lending has no DTI calculations or income verification. Instead, we use DSCR.
  5. Borrowers who cannot documents taxes.

    Visio Lending has no tax returns or 4506 requirements.

This is just a small sample of cases of when we would be the ideal lender.  Our bank rates at private terms and loan programs tailored to investors make us the nation’s premier lender for landlords.  Plus, our Approved Brokers will get ample white paper materials, along with the assistance of an Account Executive to provide all the resources you need. Interested in becoming a Visio Broker? Check out our Broker Program.

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