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What's Missing in Your Vacation Rental?

What's missing in your vacation rental?

Don’t let your tenants down- they are your guests after all, and they’re probably paying a nice price for a luxury vacation home. Plus, they can all be purchased locally or on Amazon. Here are some commonly forgotten items that are low cost but make a big impact.

  • Salt and Pepper

    If your guests are staying longer than a weekend, they are likely planning to cook a few meals at home. Provide them with the basics- salt and pepper are annoying to buy just to enjoy scrambled eggs in the morning. You can either buy a pre-filled set or buy in bulk and get refillable bottles.
  • Trash Bags

    Make sure your guests aren’t forced to find alternative places to dispose of garbage- odds are, you won’t be pleased with their solutions. Keep extra trash bags in your kitchen and bathrooms.
  • Sponges or a Scrubber Brush

    They’re your dishes, don’t you want guests to take care of them? Keep a pack of sponges under the sink, or for a more environmentally friendly option, buy a dish scrubbing brush that can live in the kitchen permanently.
  • Dish Soap

    What good is a sponge or brush if there is no soap to clean them? Again, give your guests every opportunity to clean up after themselves and provide basic cleaning supplies.
  • Napkins

    Paper napkins are so low cost, there is really no reason not to provide them. Even if you’ve already stocked the kitchen with paper towels, actual napkins seem a little more luxe than paper towels. They’re an extra detail that make your guests feel taken care of.
  • Tissues

    Like napkins, tissues may seem unnecessary but add to the feeling of luxury in a property. In hotels, there are always tissues stocked in the bathroom- take note and supply the same product! Buy in bulk to save.
  • Beach Towels

    Is your property near the beach? Provide towels! Not only are towels an added convenience for guests, but it will also prevent them from ruining your nicer, softer bath towels with sand and salt water. Beach towels are also necessary if your property has a pool- chlorine can also ruin your bath towels.
  • Throw Blankets

    For cooler evenings, a lush throw blanket makes all the difference. They not only look great on the sofa, but are also practical for your guests.

If you have any ideas for products or features that make your vacation rental stand out, be sure to share in the comments.

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