Use Roofstock to Buy Highly Vetted Tenant-Occupied Rentals

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Jul 10, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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Buying a tenant-occupied rental property can be highly beneficial to investors, since it allows them to take advantage of immediate rental income and avoid expenses, such as advertising and vacancies. However, properly vetting rental properties is a daunting, time consuming task. That’s why we recommend Roofstock Marketplace to purchase pre-screened rentals.

Roofstock Marketplace is an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of investment properties. All Roofstock listings must pass a proprietary rental certification process in order to be placed on the site. To evaluate each rental property, Roofstock looks at:

  • A property inspection conducted by experienced professionals.
  • A property valuation
  • A rental market analysis
  • Estimates of costs of repairs
  • Preliminary title reports
  • Home disclosure reports

For properties with tenants, Roofstock looks at:

    • Lease-end date
    • Security deposit details
    • Utility responsibility Key lease terms including:
  • Tenant payment history
  • High quality property managers in the area

Roofstock offers nationwide listings with pictures, floor plans, and 3D-tours, making it easy to invest in any rental property from the comforts of your couch. Plus, the payment is simple and affordable. For buyers, the fee is the greater of $500 or .05% of the purchase price. To put this in perspective, a property with a $1,000 monthly rent can cost you over $30 per day, not including any of the expenses. 

Roofstock further offers ample support including Account Executives to assist buyers, full-service transaction services, and ongoing customer support and educational materials. If you are interested in a secure way to invest in high-quality properties, visit RoofStock Marketplace.

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