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Travel Behaviors and Customer Service Needs by Generation

Vacation Rental Customer Service by Generation

When it comes to a vacation rental, customer service is key. In fact, according to HomeAway, “over 90% of customers who have an effortless experience with a company will do business with that company again.” Here’s the catch: different guests value different experiences. For instance, excellent customer service to a millennial might be poor customer service to a baby boomer. One way to combat this is to provide unique experiences by generation. HomeAway recently published a study called “Handshakes & Hashtags: How Vacation Rental Managers Can Provide Meaningful Customer Service for Every Generation.”  We sifted through the report and pulled some of the highlights of travel behaviors and customer service expectations for millennials, generation Xers, and baby boomers.


Travel Behaviors:

  • Millennials are looking for unique options and connectivity
  • They often extend business trips to take advantage of travel opportunities

What Good Customer Service Looks Like to Millennials:

  • Solid social media presence
  • Prompt responses from team members
  • High quality photos and virtual tours of properties
  • An FAQ page


Gen Xers

Travel Behaviors:

  • Gen Xers follow their children’s school calendar and like to travel around special holidays and occasions
  • They enjoy traveling in groups


What Good Customer Service Looks Like to Gen Xers:

  • Real-time answers
  • Easy-to-read deposit policies
  • Travel insurance and forgiving cancellation policies
  • Long-term relationships


Baby Boomers

Travel Behaviors:

  • Baby boomers travel annually and often take up to five trips per year
  • They like warmer destinations and often pay for multi-generational trips

What Good Customer Service Looks Like to Baby Boomers:

  • A simple experience with technology
  • Instructions for how to use the TV
  • Phone calls
  • Ease and convenience

To learn more about how to cater to different generations of travelers, check out the full HomeAway report. For additional vacation rental tips and insights, check out our Investor Resources Page

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