Top 5 Landlord Concerns about Tenants

Posted by Hannah Lapin on Mar 28, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Top Landlord Tenant Concerns

Finding and screening high quality tenants is hard! That’s why we recommend having a retention plan to keep your solid tenants. Most landlords worry about tenant issues. In fact, Transunion Rental Screening Solutions surveyed landlords on their biggest concerns. Here’s the top five they found and the percentage of surveyed landlords that reported concerns:

  1. Payment Problems- 84%
  2. Prior Eviction History- 56%
  3. Prior Criminal History- 45%
  4. Fraudulent Information on Application- 34%
  5. High Maintenance- 32%

Another key concern- frequent moving. Clearly, landlords have legitimate concerns about who they rent to. Luckily, there are preventative measures you can take before you select tenants.  One option is to use a company like Roofstock to buy highly-vetted tenant-occupied rentals. 

But for landlords looking to find their own tenants, screening is key. For tenant screening help, check out our blog post “Landlord Tips: Understanding the Tenant Screening Process” and the Bigger Pocket’s Tenant Screening Ultimate Guide. You can also outsource your tenant screening affordably. We really like Cozy, especially since services such as tenant credit report are charged to the tenant for only $19.95.

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