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Top 3 Ways to Refer to Visio Lending

Top 3 Ways to Refer to Visio

Through the Visio Referral Program, there are seven different methods to refer to Visio Lending, including through email, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Suggest a Referral, Print Cards, and Share a URL. Our goal is to provide Referral Partners with the optionality to use what works best for them. We have seen referrals come in through all seven methods, but our three most popular are:  Personal URL, Suggest a Referral, and Print Cards. Let’s take a closer look at these methods and how they can be used to generate referrals (and income):


Personal URL

In the Referral Program Platform, Referral Partners can generate a Personal URL that they can share out and get credit for any referrals that come in through the link. There are many ways to use your personal URL. Here are some examples we’ve seen that we love:

Here are more blog ideas for Referral Partners.


Suggest a Referral

This is our simplest and second most popular method. Referral Partners simply provide us with the names and contact information of potential borrowers, and we reach out from there.

Learn more about how to suggest a lead to Visio.


Print Cards

This Referral Method is fantastic for networking events. Referral Partners can print cards with a trackable URL and all of our key marketing points.

Here are ideas of where to take your printed cards.


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