Top 3 Landlord Complaints on Reddit

Posted by Rebecca Moseley on Oct 2, 2018 9:00:00 AM

As a landlord you may spend time online researching and networking with fellow landlords. But, you may not have considered visiting Reddit for your research and networking. Reddit has an entire discussion devoted to landlords. Much of the conversation revolves around issues that many landlords face. Here are the Top 3 complaints found on r/landlord:

  • Finding Tenants – Many landlords expressed the struggle they face to rent out their properties. One of the biggest struggles many landlords said they faced during the tenant search is the large number of no shows of potential tenants.
  • Issues related to renting units as “all bills paid” or “some bills paid” – Many landlords took to reddit to complain about an increase in the water or electricity bill, and some even went as far as taking over their tenant’s thermostat and outlawing washing machines and dishwashers because the cost was more than they could cover. In this discussion, other landlords quickly explained the downside to this rental approach.
  • Questions about who is responsible for expenses – Many conversations revolved around whether the landlord or tenant was responsible for certain expenses like painting, replacing workable but worn doors and replacing exterior light bulbs.

Are any of these issues that you face as a landlord? You are not alone when it comes to having questions or issues as a landlord. Reddit may be a good resource for you to learn more about the issues you face as a landlord and a good way to network with other landlords in your area and nationwide.

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