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Top 10 Reasons Renters Move

Top 10 Reasons Renters Move

Ever wonder why your tenants are moving out? AppFolio, a leading property management software for landlords with 50+ properties, polled tenants to find out the reasons they move. Here are the top ten reasons they found:

  1. New job- 29.8%

  2. Life-changing events such as relationships, children, retirement- 29.3%

  3. Looking for a change- 27.8%

  4. Shorter commutes- 19.5%

  5. Negative interactions with landlords/property managers- 19.5%

  6. Rent Increase- 18%

  7. Financial situation change- 14.6%

  8. Unresolved maintenance issues- 11.7%

  9. Recommendations of places to live from others- 4.9%

  10. Threat of eviction- 1.5%

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