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Posted by Hannah Lapin on Sep 18, 2019 9:00:00 AM

Amazon Games for Vacation Rentals

According to Lodgify, amenities in a vacation rental can set your rental apart from not just other vacation rentals, but also from hotels.  And one thing in particular travelers are looking for: a memorable experience.  Games can enhance your guests’ experiences and can help with their packing, since you can save them from dragging their own. Here are some board games for guests of all ages from Amazon.

Games for Young Children

Provide games for families with small children. These games are for children ages three or older:

Candy Land

Candy Land Board Game Ages 3+
No reading is necessary in this fun game for 4, as you race to the castle and encounter all sorts of fun sweets on your way.

Pretty Pretty Princess

pretty pretty princess classic board game

Become a princess in this imaginative jewelry dress up again.

Hungry Hungry Hippos (4+)
Hungry Hungry Hippos Game with 4 Hippos

Try to feed your hippo the most marbles and win.

Don't Break the Ice
don't break the ice game ages 3+

Keep Philip the Penguin safe as you knock down ice blocks one at a time.


Hi Ho! Cherry-O

Hi Ho Cherry-o Game Ages 3-6

Fill your basket with the most fruit first.


Chutes and Ladders

chutes and ladders game ages 3+
Be the first to reach the top as you maneuver chutes and ladders.

Here are more ides of amenities for young children.


Family-Friendly Games

Offer a selection of games that appeal to the entire family. We suggest these:


monopoly board game with new token lineup

Build the most houses and hotels to try and bankrupt your opponents in this classic.



clue board game for ages 8+

Use logic to figure out the murderer in this family fun "whodunit."

The Game of Life
the game of life board game

Go through life and try to enjoy, and end with the most money.

taboo game for ages 13+

Get your team to try to guess a given word without saying any of the "taboo" words.



scattegories game

Come up with the most creative items that start with a given letter in various categories.


Trivial Pursuit

trivial pursuit game

Trivial Pursuit is the perfect game for the trivia buffs with traditional rules as well as quick trivia fun.



pictionary drawing game

Whether you're an artist or not, try to get your team to guess what you are drawing.

sequence strategy game

Work with a team to build a sequence of cards on the board.

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Games that Millennials Love

Don't forget to appeal to millennials. Here are some game suggestions:

Cards Against Humanity

cards against humanity game

Millennials love this "party game for horrible people."


Apples to Apples

apples to apples game

This is another fun party game with outrageous answers.

Settlers of Catan
settlers of catan board game

Build a civilization with this popular, award-winning game.



codenames game

Be the first to get your team to uncover your "code" words.


Catch Phrase 
catchphrase game

See how quickly you can get your team to guess words and phrases.


Weird Things Humans Search For
weird thing humas search for game

Try to guess these popular, yet strange Internet search queries. 

Here are other ways to draw millennnials to your vacation rentals.


Keep in mind these are just some suggestions to get you started. For more vacation rental resources and ideas of how to stock your vacation rentals, visit our Resources Page.


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