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Real Estate Investors & Hard Money Loans

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Often, real estate investors looking for a fix and flip loan, a construction loan, or a land loan, among other solutions, or real estate investors needing rapid financing turn to hard money as a solution. In fact, according to The Iceberg Report, 17% of real estate investors use hard money to finance their investments. Conducted by The Harris Poll and co-sponsored by Visio Lending, The Iceberg Report offers the most comprehensive data on investor strategies available. Here are some of the findings related to hard money:

How much are real estate investors spending on fees and interest for hard money loans?

  • <4% on Fees and Interest- 1% of investors
  • 5-9% on Fees and Interest- 18% of investors
  • 10-14% on Fees and Interest- 5% of investors
  • 15-19% on Fees and Interest- 8% of investors
  • >20% on Fees and Interest- 3% of investors

How many investors are using hard money loans to finance buy and hold rental properties?

  • Close with short-term loan and plan to refinance- 33% of investors
  • Close with short-term loan with conversion option- 10% of investors

As the leader in loans for landlords offering permanent financing, Visio Lending often helps investors pay off hard money loans in full. Learn more about how we work with hard money lenders. Interested in partnering with Visio? Check out our Hard Money Lender Program.

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