Kitchen Plumbing Renovation Tips You Need To Know

Posted by Luke Fitzpatrick on Oct 28, 2020 9:00:00 AM

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What better way to update and refresh your kitchen than with a renovation. Updating the plumbing in your kitchen as well as the layout and design can add thousands to the value of your home, and if you are wanting to add more functionality and value to your property, a kitchen upgrade is a great place to start. 

Upgrading the plumbing in your kitchen allows homeowners to create a fully functional space for cooking, relaxing, and living with family, it can add extra storage space to your property and also increase the flow and functionality of your living space with a cleverly designed floor plan.

Renovation tips for a kitchen plumbing makeover

Whether you are managing the DIY project yourself or you are hiring a project manager, here are some great ideas for a kitchen renovation you might like to consider. 

Keep the plumbing in the same location if possible 

When you are doing a kitchen renovation, one of the most expensive aspects is moving the plumbing. According to Fantastic Plumbers, to contain your renovation costs, opt for a design and layout that allows for the original plumbing to stay in the same position so that you don’t need to demolish existing plumbing to make way for brand new plumbing. 

Measure up more than once or ask an expert to help

Measuring up for a kitchen renovation or remodel leaves no room for error. You don’t want to short change yourself if you are installing new appliances or cabinets, so be sure to measure everything and get all of the sizes of the appliances in advance so you know you are creating everything to the exact specifications. Even a few millimeters can make a huge difference.

Select your sink position carefully  

It is fair to say that your sink is the center of the kitchen so you want to think long and hard about placement and also the size of the sink. If you are a family you will need a double sink and you should also consider placing the sink right next to your dishwasher for easy access. Also, consider the taps you will want to install so that there is adequate space for these in the sink area and bench. 

Keep in mind water and power connections 

There is nothing worse than finishing a kitchen renovation or plumbing upgrade then realizing you don’t have the right water connections in the right spots or you're running short on electrical points. Take the time to plan out your layout and design and add in more than enough electrical points and water for your fridge, dishwasher, garbage disposal, and appliances. 

Final remarks

The time spent planning your home renovation now will save you in the long run, so be sure to plan the plumbing and electrical carefully as well as the layout to ensure you create a kitchen renovation that is functional and adds value to your space. 

Kitchen renovations are a wonderful DIY project, however, if this is not your experience or you think you might need some professional help, you should call in the help of a plumber, electrician, designer, and cabinetry professional to ensure you create the perfect look for your home or property.  



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