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Introducing the Visio Lending Referral Program

The New Visio Referral Program

The wait is finally over! We are excited to introduce our brand-new Referral Program, which includes a comprehensive platform enabling Referral Partners to track their referrals and make as many referrals as they want. Did we mention you can get $500 for every referral that closes on a loan? Here’s how it works.

Go to and sign up to be a Referral Partner. You will have access to your very own Dashboard and Log In. Once you confirm your email address and are completely set up, check out the Home Page, where you can send us referrals in seven different ways:

  • Send an Email

    Use our template or customize your own email to send to investors you think might be interested in financing from Visio Lending.
  • Post to Facebook

    Post a trackable link to your Facebook timeline or send a direct message. When Facebook Friends become qualified leads, you will be credited for the referrals and able to track them through our platform.
  • Post to LinkedIn 

    Like Facebook, you can post a trackable link or send a direct message to LinkedIn connections.
  • Post to Twitter 

    Use our tweet suggestions or customize your own tweet to reach all the landlords on Twitter with your trackable link. Find sample tweets here.
  • Get a Personal URL

    Talk about our Loan Programs wherever you want! This could be on your blog, your website, etc. Anyone who finds us through you, you will get credit for and be able to track. Here are more ideas for using a personal URL.
  • Print Cards

    Use our Referral Platform to generate cards you can carry with you about Visio. We love this method for events like Real Estate Investor Association (REIA) meet ups or other real estate networking event.
  • Suggest a Referral

    With this method, you can simply give us the name, email address, and phone number of investors you know who might be interested in Visio Lending. We’ll take it from there; No marketing for you involved!

Ready to get started? Sign up at Not sure where to find investors? Check out our tips for Finding Investors. Happy referring 😊

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