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How to Suggest a Lead to Visio Lending (And Get Paid)

Suggest a Lead to Visio

Through the new Visio Lending Referral Program, there are seven different ways Referral Partners can refer to us, so you can optimize your chances to make money ($500 for each referral who closes on a loan) and reach more people. One of the methods is to “Suggest a Lead.”  Essentially, through this method, you can submit the name and contact information of real estate investors, and we take it from there. If you are a renter, or someone who has a few real estate contacts, but don’t want to reach out to them, this could be a good method for you. To suggest a referral, simply go to the Home Page of the Referral Program Platform, scroll to the bottom, and hit “Suggest a Referral.”

Once we have your referral, we will market to them, educate them about our loan programs, and see how we can help. Unless you personally reach out to your referrals, they will not associate Visio Lending with you. However, you can monitor whether or not your referrals are engaging with us through the “My Account Page” in the Referral Partner Platform at any time. The status will remain “Suggested Lead,” unless they engage with us, in which case the status will turn into “Referral Partner Interested.” You can also follow the loan process if your referral starts a loan until the loan closes- at which point you get paid!

Keep in mind, a referral only counts as eligible for our program if your referral is the first point of contact with us. It is possible that they were already in our database or have worked with us in the past.


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