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How to Refer to Visio Using Twitter (Plus Sample Tweets)

Through the new Visio Lending Referral Program,  there are seven different ways Referral Partners can refer to us, so you can optimize your chances to make money and reach more people. One of the ways to refer to us is through Twitter. If you are a property manager, realtor, or someone with a lot of landlord and real estate investor followers on Twitter, this could be a great, easy method for you to get referrals. The first step to refer to us is simple: Sign up! Once you are set up with our platform and your email address is verified, you can go to the “Home Page’ and click “Post to Twitter.”

Post to Twitter

You then can connect your Twitter Account to the platform and get started with Tweeting. An automated Tweet from us will pop up, but you can customize it however you want. Just be sure to keep your customized URL in the tweet to get credit for referrals and the hashtag “#PaidAd” to be compliant with Twitter’s policies. Ready to get started with your Tweets? Here are four you can use:

  • Why not invest with the best? Learn how I am receiving financing for my real estate rental properties and portfolio with my personal link, or shoot me a message and I would be happy to connect you with my private lender. [INSERT PERSONAL URL]

  • Turn your real estate investing into a wealth strategy with my funding partner. You can use my personal link to get more information today on growing your real estate portfolio. [INSERT PERSONAL URL]

  • You may not know, but I invest in real estate with a funding partner, who's the nation's leader in rental loans. Use my link below to receive more information on how I am growing my portfolio with rental properties. [INSERT PERSONAL URL]

  • You wouldn’t go to the optometrist for your bad knee, why go to a generic lender for your real estate investing? Customize your investment strategy with my choice of a mortgage lender. Use my personal link to get more insight on how I am investing in real estate. [INSERT PERSONAL URL}

Happy Tweeting! Learn more about the 7 Ways to Refer to Visio. Not yet a Referral Partner? Register for our Referral Program.

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