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How to Refer to Visio Using LinkedIn (Plus Sample Posts)

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Through the Visio Lending Referral Program, we pay $500 for every referral who closes on a loan and offer ample ways to refer to us. One great way to connect with real estate investors is on LinkedIn. To share about Visio Lending on LinkedIn, you have two options. You can either link your LinkedIn account directly to the Referral Platform, or you can generate a Personal URL, which will give you referral credit if someone clicks on your link and closes on a loan with us.  Our Referral Platform already includes a post for you to use, but you can mix it up or simply post yourself at any time. Here are four LinkedIn posts to get you started:

  • Borrow money like a professional when working with Visio Lending. They offer programs designed just for investors. You can learn how to leverage your current rental properties and grow your real estate portfolio with a streamlined qualification process. Not to mention, no DTI or tax returns required! Too good to be true? Not a chance! #paidad [Insert Personal URL]
  • Obtaining rental properties to build more wealth in your family? No reason not to, when Visio Lending only requires 30-day seasoning. #paidad [Insert Personal URL]
  • Investor financing at its finest. I just discovered Visio Lending, which offers fast and simple funding with programs designed for investors. Whether you’re savvy or just joining the game of real estate, Visio Lending’s team can assist you in obtaining and leveraging your rental properties. #paidad [Insert Personal URL]
  • Alternative financing for real estate investors is the best kept secret when banks can no longer help you. Visio Lending has designed programs just for investors. Learn how I have built my rental portfolio by partnering with Visio Lending. #paidad [Insert Personal URL]

Happy referring! Don't forget to make sure your posts follow the FTC Guidelines highlighted in our Terms and Conditions. For more Referral Program Tips, check out our Broker and Partner Resources Page. Not yet a Referral Partner? Sign up

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