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Posted by Tiffany Yang on Nov 6, 2019 9:00:00 AM

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Did you know that more than 50 million small businesses use Facebook to connect with their customers? Or that 45% of consumers turn to social media for questions about a brand? There are countless statistics that show brokers need social media marketing. Here are six tips to help you build a following on social media:

  1. Polish your LinkedIn Profile/Page or Facebook Profile/Page

    • Check your privacy settings on your profiles to make sure what you’d like to be visible to the public is actually visible to the public. This includes:
      • Email Address
      • Contact Phone Number
      • Title
      • Links to Your Website
    • Ask yourself what you’d like to see on a mortgage professional’s page within thirty-seconds that would make you want to engage. And then add it.
  2. Start sharing industry related news that sparks your interest

    • Find relevant articles to your niche in the industry and provide insight that your potential partner or client would need to know.
    • Share your articles with a quote from the article and/or a question you have after reading the article.
    • Learn more about how to share industry news on LinkedIn to establish credibility.
  3. Generate and share original materials

    • Share personal updates with your audience such as:
      • Industry Experience
      • Relevant Loan Scenarios
      • Personal Career Updates
      • Inspirational Quotes and Content
    • Key Tip: The formula for posting can bring in new clients and partners. Present the relatable concern/problem and how your services were a solution.
  4. Connect with other mortgage industry professionals that may be interested in your content

    • Having peers share your content will boost your engagement and reach more people
  5. Engage, Engage, Engage

    • Share and like other content on social media and engage in comments.
    • Social media is about building and nurturing relationships. This is an undying way to increase your reach to more potential clients and partners.

Keep in mind, social media might feel like a slow push, but with consistency and habitual efforts, you will see the return.

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