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How Property Managers Can Generate Income with Visio

Generate Income with Visio as a Prop Manager

Through the new Visio Lending Referral Program, property managers can grow their assets under management by helping customers grow their rental portfolios with our financing. Plus, they can earn referral fees! We pay $500 for EACH referral who closes on a loan. Our interactive Referral Program Platform is fun and easy to use.  We enable Referral Partners to send us referrals through seven different methods, and Referral Partners always have the ability to track the status of their referrals and refer more. Here are some of the most effective ways we’ve seen property managers use our Referral Platform.

  • Send Emails

    Property managers can either send emails to select contacts directly through the Referral Platform (we have a built-in template for you) OR they can blast out information about Visio’s financing to their entire database. Simply use your generated Personal URL to share information on a separate platform. That way you get credit for all referrals. For help writing your emails, check out some of our key points about why buy and hold investors love Visio.
  • Post on Social Media

    Many property managers have large followings of landlords and real estate investors. Engage your social media followers with helpful information about how they can finance their rental portfolios. You can link Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter accounts directly to our Referral Platform or use your personal URL to post to any platform and have tracking. Check out some of our sample tweets for inspiration.
  • Write a Blog Post

    Self-employed real estate investors often have trouble qualifying for traditional financing. Write a blog post on their options for financing and highlight Visio Lending using your personal URL for tracking purposes. Refer to our blog post “Loan Programs Available for SFR Properties” for guidance on the market.

Ready to start referring, earning referral fees, and growing your assets under management? Sign up for our Referral Program.

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