Posted by Hannah Lapin ● May 24, 2018 10:10:00 AM

How Does Visio Work with Hard Money Lenders?

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At Visio Lending, our sole focus is helping buy and hold investors grow their rental portfolios. We finance rent-ready rental properties that are one to four units. Since hard money lenders typically fund construction projects, such as short-term flips, rehabs, or new construction, we are not in any direct competition. In fact, we often work with hard money lenders and complement each other. Here’s how:

  1. Hard Money Lenders build passive income with us as Referral Partners.

    Hard money lenders sometimes get requests for rental property financing, which they cannot do. Instead, they act as a solutions provider and help their customers by referring them to us, and they receive $500 for each referral that closes on a loan through our Referral Program.
  2. Buy and hold investors use our financing to pay off hard money loans.

    Often, real estate investors use our financing to pull cash-out of a rental property and pay back a hard money loan in full.
  3. Hard Money Lenders broker loans to us to earn up to 5 pts per closed loan.

    Since our Broker Program does not require licensing except for in the state of California, hard money lenders will use their extensive networks to broker loans to us and build their wealth.

If you’re a hard money lender and interested in partnering with Visio, check out our Partner Programs or contact us. 

Check Out Our Partner Programs

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