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How does Visio work with Fix and Flip Investors?

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At Visio Lending, we pride ourselves on being the nation’s leader for landlord loans. While we only finance 1-4 unit rent-ready rental properties and primarily work with buy and hold investors, we do work with fix and flippers as well. Here are some of the main ways we work with fix and flippers:

  1. Fix and Flippers build passive income with us as Referral Partners-

    Even though we don’t finance flip properties, many flippers know buy and hold investors. Through our Referral Program, we pay $500 for EACH referral that closes on a loan with no limit on referrals, so the passive income can really add up.
  2. Fix and flippers use us as an alternative to hard money-

    If fix and flippers own rental properties, they can pull cash-out to finance their next flip. We offer bank rates at private terms, up to 75% LTV on refis, and we don’t require DTI calculations or income verification.
  3. Fix and flippers finance renovations with LightStream and then refinance their rentals with us.

    If you are looking to finance a renovation, LightStream offers financing up to $100,000 for virtually any home renovation project. 

If you’re primarily a fix and flipper and thinking of purchasing rental properties, contact us or check out how other flippers are partnering with Visio Lending.

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Editor's Note: This post was originally published in April 2018 and has been updated in June 2020 for freshness and accuracy. 

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