Generations of Vacationers and How to Attract Them

    Posted by Hannah Lapin on May 9, 2019 9:00:00 AM

    Generations of Vacationers

    In a previous blog post, “Generation of Renters and How to Attract Them,” we broke down renters into age groups and discussed why each group chooses to rent and what attracts them to a long-term rental. So, what draws these groups to short-term and vacation rentals? The different generations are pulled towards different amenities and perks. Mindful vacation rental owners can boost their bookings by paying attention to the wants of all the age groups. Let’s dive in.


    The generation born between 1980 and 1999. Millennials want to see:

    • Neighborhood perks- millennials like getting the neighborhood feel when they stay in short-term rentals
    • A strong social media presence
    • Positive reviews
    • Easy bookings, particularly on their smartphones!
    • Work-friendly travel amenities like a desk and a hair dryer- millennials often book short-term rentals for work travel
    • Wifi- very important to millennials
    • Lots of bed space- millennials are more likely to travel and book short-term rentals with friends then other generations. Learn how to Draw Millennials to Your Vacation Rental


    Gen Xers

    The generation born between 1965 and 1984. Gen Xers are drawn to:

    • Nature and beautiful spaces
    • Good food- highlight nearby restaurants and cuisine to this group!
    • Forgiving cancellation policies and travel insurance- this group likes to have peace of mind when they book travel
    • Family-friendly options- Gen Xers are always looking for cross-generational activities and accommodations. Learn more about how to make your vacation rentals family-friendly


    Seniors and Baby Boomers

    Ages 51+. This group wants to see:

    • Accessibility
    • Personal connections- this group cares more about their experience on the phone with you, whereas millennials care more about their online and smartphone experiences
    • Luxury and convenience
    • Local activities (wine tastings, historical sites, museums, art shows, etc.)

    Learn more about the different generations and what they are interested in from Pillow. For more vacation rental resources and management tips, check out the "Vacation Rental" section of our blog and our Investor Resources page. 

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