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Forget Stocks and Bonds! Invest in Real Estate

Forget Stocks and Bonds! Invest in Real Estate

For beginner investors, stocks and bonds are the most common forms of investments that can generate some good returns. They're also the most readily available, especially with the advent of mobile applications, like Robinhood, that allow you to buy stocks, ETFs, mutual funds, and bonds without a fee. However, at Visio Lending, we focus on building wealth through real estate investments.  Account Executive Stephen Grupp shares some benefits to investing in real estate compared to other financial assets:

Financial Security

You may be thinking, "Security? Didn't many people lose their assets, jobs, and houses ten years ago?" Since then, the Dodd-Frank Act, which passed in 2010, enacted many regulations on lenders and banks to  help prevent another all-out financial crisis. If you take the time to learn the market and work with a trusted adviser like Visio, you can make smart investments. By renting out properties, you receive reliable income and in due time, your property will go up in value.

Real Estate Appreciation

Your property value may appreciate over time, thus generating solid returns. Generally, your property should go up in value depending on the demand in the area, plus adjusting for inflation. Especially with rising interest rates, this could be a great time to look into investing, and get ahead of higher rates. 

Tangible Assets

Unlike stocks and bonds, real estate is something that you can physically own. You're actively in control of your property and you're able to renovate it and create a more attractive property for even greater returns. There will always be value in you land and home. Other assets, such as a car, will depreciate over time with increasing use. In addition, it's extremely difficult to accurately predict how stocks will perform.

Ready to jump into real estate investing? Check out Bigger Pockets to learn from a community of real estate investors. And then, head on over to Stephen's Page to contact him for further steps to beginning your journey to financial freedom. 

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